Solar Photovoltaic Power and Advanced Battery Systems

LightRay_LogoAllow us to evaluate your business or home for its potential to provide savings on your utility bill. After measures have been taken to conserve energy and reduce consumption significant additional savings are available.

Further reduction can be realized by harvesting free energy from the sun. Through a cogeneration agreement with your utility company, the cost for a system can be minimized. If you are building new or doing a major remodel, consider consulting us early-on to integrate PV aesthetically and sensibly, and plan for efficient lighting and space conditioning.

Advanced battery systems provide backup power during utility outages and can reduce rates.

Our primary service territories include Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, but we are also always happy to consider projects anywhere we are invited that are a practical distance from our suppliers and workers. We are a local family owned company, dedicated to superior service and quality products and craftsmanship.

Quality Equipment

R+I SolarAt Light Ray Electric we provide US made high quality high tech equipment, that is expertly monitored. Every system is carefully designed and will require little or no maintenance. The status of every PV module is reported by internet and can be readily viewed online. We stay abreast of the fast-changing world of solar and energy-efficiency products to bring you leading-edge results.

Our corporate supplier partners assure that you will receive peer-reviewed and engineered systems that have been thoroughly and rigorously tested. We principally select modules made in the United States of America. Silfab is a manufacturer in the United States. Formerly we preferred Solarworld modules made in Oregon but their acquisition by Sunpower has curtailed availability. German Solar and other quality brands offer great price/watt options. All of our systems are provided with monocrystalline technology for superior production and durability in most residential and commercial environments.

Site Evaluation

Vines:SkyIf you own a business property with roof or land space having good sun exposure, acquiring solar power might be one of the best things you can do to protect the long-term viability of your business operations.

Owning your power plant provides predictable cost and stability over twenty to twenty-five years, and the power generated is “cleaner” than power that comes straight from utility lines. Your existing utility power service equipment should be in very good condition, or upgrading should be considered.

04 NYC empire looking east copyIt is important to have relatively large areas that will not be obstructed, and not where it is anticipated that other uses might be required or more suitable. If roof areas are to be considered, they should have surfaces that are in good condition, and not likely to develop leaks for at least twenty years.

Lot areas might need to be physically protected by fencing or other means, and open land evaluated for soil conditions, and consideration given to surface treatment or the need of mowing or maintenance.

Parking structures can be provided to shade vehicles or activities and provide collection area for solar power. This additional cost should be justified by the need or desire for such shading, rather than solely for power production.


Rainbow Strike!Your pot of gold just might be the rainbow glinting from your very own power plant at your business. Save up to 73% off your electric bills using solar generated power, combined with tax incentives. Adding the cost of a loan will increase your payback period, but with historically low rates, annual utility cost savings are well worth the investment.

Another option is to use PACE financing that may be available through the county where your business is located. It is not a bank loan and so remains off your balance sheet. Your lines of credit and capital readiness for normal business needs remain. This program is only available for energy efficiency, conservation, and alternative energy systems. There is a one time fee to process the program for systems that qualify. Requires sufficient tax exposure and depreciation capacity to realize the full rate discount.

Generation capacity is warranted for twenty years, and equipment for ten years. Please contact us for an evaluation of your business property.

Our Business Model

Sunlit ModulesThe time has arrived for everyone to consider acquiring their own power plant. A power plant on your roof or property will keep you inflation-proof. Securing an energy rich future is a benefit for yourself and helps our planet. Just as the personal automobile was once considered a luxury and now is commonplace, so too the personal power plant will one day soon be commonplace, and accepted as a standard way power is made.

We endeavor to cultivate an enduring legacy of quality and service. That is why we offer Enphase Energy®. Enphase’s microinverters maximize system production, especially when shading is present, and their Envoy® data harvesting and reporting in their Enlighten® Website reveals how each individual module is performing. Data analyses have revealed that Enphase systems are typically 8% more productive than modeled, while centralized string inverters were found to be 8% less productive than modeled. Now there are other microinverter products and also hybrid systems like SolarEdge®. Enphase remains a leader in this technology, has continued to improve its products, and offer new models. Competitors have broadened the market, addressing a variety of needs.

Actually monitoring every module full time is the only way to be sure you are receiving the full production for which you paid. If ever there is a problem both you and us receive emailed alerts, plus we regularly review our systems to look for ways to improve performance over time.

Rainbow Strike!To get the best quality work, and the best integration of your system with existing structures and facilities, experience counts. Our team relies on the
decades-long experience of our highly trained contractors, and superior engineering support from our corporate partners. Coming from a long-standing reputation for impeccable trade work, attuned attention to detail, and caring customer service, we believe you won’t find better value for your dollar anywhere else.

Koh Phayam Island Hospital in Thailand will use the solar array to supplement its power. Good ideas travel far!



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