LightRay_LogoAllow us to evaluate your business or home for its potential to provide savings on your utility bill. After measures have been taken to conserve energy and reduce consumption significant additional savings are available.

Further reduction can be realized by harvesting free energy from the sun. Through a cogeneration agreement with your utility company, the cost for a system can be minimized. If you are building new or doing a major remodel, consider consulting us early-on to integrate PV aesthetically and sensibly, and plan for efficient lighting and space conditioning.

Associate Architectural services are also available when you work with us.

Our primary service territories include Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, but we are also always happy to consider projects anywhere we are invited that are a practical distance from our suppliers and workers. We are a local family owned company, dedicated to superior service and quality products and craftsmanship.


R+I SolarAt Light Ray Electric we provide locally made high quality high tech equipment, that is expertly monitored. Every system is carefully designed and will require little or no maintenance. The status of every PV module is reported by internet and can be readily viewed online. We stay abreast of the fast-changing world of solar and energy-efficiency products to bring you leading-edge results.

Our corporate supplier partners assure that you will receive peer-reviewed and engineered systems that have been thoroughly and rigorously tested. Solarworld is one of the largest PV manufacturer in the United States and has won awards for best field-verified production, and they are based in Oregon, USA.

Other quality brands are evaluated as special offers come available, and spot pricing can often lower a system cost without compromising quality.

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